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Grow YOUR business at Planted Local Lending.

✅ Are you a self-motivated mortgage loan officer looking to grow your book of business?


         ✅ Are you tired of the "good ol' boys club", or being treated like a number?

         ✅ Are you sick of being beat on rate or fees and having to ask up the ladder to cut your margins to keep a deal?

Let me introduce Planted Local Lending...

Planted Local Lending offers a dynamic and supportive work environment with opportunities for growth and development. We also provide the most competitive compensation package we've seen, where you - the loan officer - are in charge of your own Profit & Loss. Our loan officers have access to cutting-edge technology and marketing tools to help them succeed, and a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to their success. Working for our company means being part of a team that is passionate about providing exceptional service to our clients and making a positive impact in our community.

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Planted Local Lending values high standards, personal growth, real relationships and finding a way to get things done. Excellence, personal development, strong connections and resourcefulness in achieving goals. We value joy, adventure, fun and a challenge.

Sample Image"Making the move to work for Planted Local Lending has been the best decision for me. Our CEO, Trish, truly cares about her team's success and she gives us the support needed to make sure we are successful either as individual loan officers or processors. The teamwork and camaraderie that Planted Local Lending embodies makes this company such an amazing place to work!"  - Alex Sanchez

We are not a direct lender or retail shop.

We partner with 10 lenders to give our clients options - many different loan programs, rates and fees, QM and non-QM. We are always looking for new partners as well. If your borrower needs the program, we likely have it.

We REALLY know our underwriters.

Because we value relationships, we have gotten to know the underwriters at most of our lender partners really well. We even have a former underwriter on staff who is happy to answer questions, help calculate income and teach loan officers where to find answers!

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We expect our team to commit to proactive lead generation.

You must be willing to take initiative in generating new leads, rather than waiting for them to come you passively. We're not a "wait for the phone to ring" group. We have never been those who buy trigger leads or other online leads. We build relationships and nurture them so our business can blossom for the long term, and we can teach you how to do this too.

Coaching is vital and we provide that!

Coaching can be highly beneficial as it provides guidance, support, and feedback to individuals seeking to improve their skills and grow their business. We have been with Buffini and Company for many years, and are now on the Team Coaching platform, allowing our loan officers to utilize professional coaches without incurring the cost onto their own P&L, allowing you to take home more money.

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We have SYSTEMS! You are set up for success from DAY ONE!

  • CRM
  • Lead generation
  • Transaction Management Systems
  • Daily Task Management
  • Personal Accountability Systems
  • Easy to Use Website with Mobile App and Personalized Easy Application Options

What else sets Planted Local Lending apart?

Instead of being allotted specific marketing dollars based on your production, or being allocated staff based on volume - you get to choose how you want to run your own P&L. All the revenue from your loans funds your business. You pay in a fee to the company and then you decide the rest. Your expenses are paid on a company credit card, pre-tax! You cover the loan production costs like credit reports, verification fees, etc. If you want to hire a team of loan officer assistants, processors, marketers, you can! If you want to DIY, you can! The company is here to support and help you, but ultimately, this is your business and your decision. You are still paid as a W2 employee and we do offer benefits.  The fee to the company covers the tech stack, coaching, CRM, and more.  You are the director of YOUR business. 

We'd love to share more. Apply to join our team here.

Welcome to Planted Local Lending!